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Indian Grocery Store | Pakenham

Spices & Smiles is Pakenham’s premier destination for all things spices. We stock fresh and native products from across Asia, including India, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and more.

Connecting You to Your Favourite Flavours

Why do you cook? Is it to remember the smells of your childhood, where sounds and aromas of home-cooking wafted from the kitchen? Maybe you cook to share your culture with friends and loved ones. Or are you a food connoisseur that loves to experiment and discover the new and endless possibilities of Asia.

Maybe you don’t cook at all, but love to eat. No matter your reasons for visiting Spices & Smiles, we can connect you to flavours from all over Asia. Browse our shelves to revisit old favourites or discover new tastes today!

Connecting you with your favourite flavours

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Our Story

Feeling the need to give back to the community that welcomed him with open arms when he decided to settle in Pakenham, Mr Parikshith Jolly decided to open Spices & Smiles in 2017 after 34 years at sea as a captain on merchant ships.

Family ties matter a lot and that is why Mr Rakesh Nanda (Rocky), Parikshith's brother-in-law, helps in the shop so that the feeling of having a family member in the business is always there.

Our store is proud to offer a welcoming and authentic oasis of spice and warmth, where you can find your favourite Indian and South Asian groceries. Why not pay us a visit? We’re sure to make it a memorable experience.

A welcoming and authentic oasis of spice and warmth

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Specialising in Food from across the Globe

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Spice & Smiles
A Warm Welcome

We treat everyone that walks through our doors as members of the family.

Spice & Smiles
A Vast Selection of Groceries

We source foodstuff from all over South Asia and beyond.

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Affordable Prices

With regular discounts on our already low prices, your wallet will love you for shopping with us

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Money Transfer Services

We offer a rapid money transfer service for emergencies