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Money Transfer Services in Pakenham

Instant money transfer is a service widely used by immigrants who send regular or one-off payments back to family in their country of origin. Spices & Smiles offers all our customers a courteous and hassle-free method to send money home. Visit us today to find out more.

How Does it Work?

When using Spices & Smiles instant money transfer services, all you need to do is hand over the funds you want to send and pay the modest fee. After paying you’ll get a reference number – give this to the recipient (and only the recipient). Whoever has the number can pick up the money you sent to the overseas bank or agency of your choosing.

It really is as simple as that. Visit us today for any queries.

A very simple process


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While transferring money through the bank is still a viable option, you still need a bank account to do so. Coupled with the fact that most international bank transfers take a few days to clear, and you can see how it might not be the best option for emergency transfers. There is also the fact that banks tend to offer much lower exchange rates, so you can also make savings by opting for instant money transfers.

Find out more about Spices & Smiles’s money transfer services by getting in touch today at the number below.

It’s called Instant Money for a reason


Money Transfer Services Pakenham

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